Country Side Living

Do you find yourself looking to slow down and get comfortable? Craving for some peace and quiet?  


September 30, 2022


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Does the hustle and bustle of the city excite you? Or do you find yourself craving some peace and quiet? Do you find yourself fascinated and enthralled by the towering skyscraper and the bright neon lights or, would you rather bask in the gentle moonlight under the open sky? Do you seek a vibrant and exhilarating lifestyle, or would you rather slow down and get comfortable?

If you found yourself nodding along to the second option, then it’s time. The time to make a shift that will change your life in all the best ways. As time passes us by and we get closer and closer to retirement, I can’t help but wonder (read: daydream) about packing up and moving to the countryside or seaside for a quieter, slower pace of life.

In high school, I had a friend whose parents decided to shift to the seaside one fine day because they were tired of feeling like they were always racing towards something. All their children had also left the nest, and they lived alone in a house big enough to overwhelm them. At that time, I was utterly unable to understand why they decided to make this crazy, risky shift, but as I inch closer to the age they were at, it makes considerably more sense.

Let’s be honest, an empty nest, little help with maintenance and management and a lack of like-minded people at a similar place in life begins to take a toll on us. And while a simple life in the rural country can feel daunting and dreary to some, there is a comfort that the idea of peace and serenity, being surrounded by lush greenery and a close-knit community, offer that the city does not.