Pros and Cons of Country living

Rural living comes with its own set of challenges. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the countryside.


September 30, 2022


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Rural living comes with its own set of challenges. Still, there is a reason that they typically attract retirees with their temperate climates, attractive natural resources (mountains and lakes) and man-made amenities such as championship golf courses. However, this does not mean one should not consider both sides of the coin before taking the plunge. Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the countryside, so you can make the best decision for yourself and live the life of your dreams.

Benefits of countryside living

There are many good things about living in the country – clean air, abundant space, closeness to nature, lower cost of living, etc. Simply put - higher quality of life

Clean air

Moving to the country is a breath of fresh air – literally and figuratively. The further you are from the city, the cleaner the air and the cleaner the air, the better the breathing. Let’s not forget that cleaner air also means a lowered risk of allergies, respiratory diseases and heart issues.

Nature at your doorstep

Just imagine waking up and looking out the window to boundless, lush green fields. This is sure to boost your mood but also keep your immune system healthy, increase vitality and calm the nerves. What’s better is that the close proximity to nature means you can finally delve into that outdoor activity you’ve been wanting to get into. It’s hiking for me, but gardening, fishing, scuba diving are all exciting ways to keep you entertained and healthy.

Food from plant to table

Out in the countryside, you’re at the starting point of the food supply chain and that means there are plenty of farms where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables,milk, eggs, and even meat, right from the source. Eating quality, organic food mindfully can do wonders for your mind and body. What’s better is that you can start growing your own food as well because you have access to the space for it!

More serenity = less stress

Big city living comes with inevitable stress which inadvertently leads to higher rates of mental health problems. Rural living on the other hand is slower, less demanding and definitely not as hectic which you can slow down, shake off your anxieties, and focus on the things that really matter to you. Nature is known to leave you feeling like you got a renewed license for life because you’re calmer and able to concentrate better, be more productive as well as creative.

And, the best part is that there is lighter traffic so you can say goodbye to rush hour frenzy, never finding parking and annoying, frustrating delays. You will get to your destination faster, there is less car exhaust pollution and most importantly, less traffic means lesser chances of accidents.

As safe as houses

Speaking of lesser chances of accidents, greater safety is another plus point for rural living. Data suggests crime rates in the countryside are much lower than in big cities. A smaller, tight knit community also means that any strange, out of the normal behaviors or activities can be flagged immediately. More safety means you have the opportunity to go out after dark comfortably, let your grandchildren play outside without supervision, or simply leave the windows open while you sleep.

Lower cost of living

The math goes something like; the fewer the people, the lesser the cost of living. You could easily upscale your home and still have a lower cost of living than the city because utilities, taxes, groceries, household essentials and maintenance costs are much lower in rural areas.

What’s more is that there are fewer things to tempt you into overspending like fine dining restaurants or high end boutiques.

Space for days

Space is aplenty out in the country. Want a home with a wraparound porch? You got it. Add in a flower garden? Sure thing. Why not add in a large backyard for barbecues too. What’s better is that there’s more for less in the countryside.

Finding your tribe was never easier

One of the greatest benefits of living in any community is the strong communal spirit that comes with it. The rural community is no different because everyone knows everyone and are kind, supportive and helpful in times of need.

Less stress, less crime, less traffic, more space, cleaner air and cheaper living are great reasons to make the shift to the countryside but rural living is not for everyone. There are challenges that come with it that can sour your experience.

Drawbacks of countryside living

When moving from the city to the country, you may find that it is not all roses in the countryside. Here’s some drawbacks to consider before you make the plunge.

Limited access to healthcare

Need a great family doctor? You’ll just need to head into town. But, if you are looking for more specialised medical care or facilities then you may need to make a trip out of it. If you find that you or your significant other need access to regular healthcare, you may need to find a place that offers the appropriate medical services.  

Entertainment gets redefined

The quiet life is great but what if you would rather head out to a nice restaurant or take your pick of an event happening in town or you find that you can’t enjoy some of your favorite hobbies because there is no properly equipped place to practice it.

Compromises on convenience and comfort

The best part about the country is its distance from the city but that is also the worst part about living in the country. It will take longer to get anywhere and services may be less reliable. Imagine having to drive hours to get to a supermarket, pharmacy or even the mall and no public transport to rely upon for the days you don’t have it in you to drive. Food deliveries become a pipe dream and internet connectivity may not be what you’re used to. These are adjustments to consider because we are at a stage of life where comfort is a key factor when deciding to move.

A unique set of dangers

As the environment changes, so do the challenges. Make sure to prepare yourself for run-ins with wildlife such as mountain lions, bears, snakes amongst other animals and bugs. Moreover, you may be in an area which is at a higher risk of natural calamities like thunderstorms or floods or even forest fires.

So, is moving to the country a good idea? Well, that truly depends on YOU. What do you want from your life? What are some things you enjoy? What can you not live without? What changes and compromises are you comfortable with accepting? Where do you draw the line of what you can take? There will always be trade-offs and difficult decisions to make but they may just be worth it.  There will always be trade-offs, of course, but they may be worth it.

When making a big decision like this, it is important to consider all the different factors and scenarios, make a pros and cons list, and do your due diligence. And most importantly, when you do make the decision, make sure to prepare everything in advance to ensure a smooth relocation. And remember, life is too short to not take the chances you get. Rural living isn’t for everyone, but it may just be it for you.